An easy-to implement 4 week program designed to balance hormones, fight bloat, exhaustion, cravings, yeast and chronic digestive distress!

For the next 4 weeks, you receive a weekly email with simple, straightforward plan (and checklist!) for restoring balance and health to your gut! 

Here's everything you get...

Weekly modules

The month long program is broken into 4 simple modules to help you gradually make habit and lifestyle changes.

Science-supported strategies

While everything we do in GWYG is uncomplicated, it is still effective for restoring gut health and hormone balance and metabolic function.  

Streamlined holistic approach

The health of the gut isn't JUST impacted by our diet, but also our lifestyle. Therefore this teaches you how simple lifestyle habits beyong just food, can improve the quality of the digestion and elmination process.

Checklist tracker

List making and checking is a time-tested, scienctifically supported approach to creating change and accomplishign goals, that's why I provide you with a good old fashioned printable checklist for every week so that you can feel accountable AND keep track of your program progress.

Simple steps

No complicated recipes or supplements required, everything here is straightforward and actionable.


Weekly webinars provide you with supplemental information, answer your questions and provide further explanations about why we are doing what we are doing!

What Are People Saying about Get Up and Go With Your Gut!

Frequently Asked Questions 

"I love your program... it is so realistic to do, not arduous but challenging. It is helping me to have a GOAL, especially the leisure walk, I NEED to work on it. Your resources are great too!"


"I don’t want to celebrate to early but my gut is feeling a lot better after week 2! I’m excited about week 3!! Constipation better, but not totally healed. At least I’m OFF ALL MEDS!!! Yeah for that!!! I like strength training workouts best! "


"Your videos on the gut are so good for me! You help me understand what is happening in my body! AND you keep my attention even when talking about the complex science of my health! "


Do I need to buy supplements

I do suggest that you purchase one of the several recommended probiotics. YOU can order them on Amazon and they typically arrive in 2-3 days.

How do I watch the webinars?

All of the webinars will take place in a private Facebook group and can be watched at your convenience if you are not available for the live call. 

Do I have to cook a lot?

Part of this program involves a very gradually applied elimination diet that will require you to vary your dietary practices. I provide you with recipes, resources and suggestions to streamline this process for you. You don't HAVE to cook to do this program.

Return policy

There are no refunds or returns for this program.

Who is Go With Your Gut, NOT FOR?

  • People with very serious digestive health conditions that require medical attention and appropriate testing
  • Anyone unwilling to make some dietary and lifestyle changes over the course of the month
  • Folks with an advanced understanding of gut health and experience with elmination diets.
  • Someone that is shopping for a healthcare professional to cure their longstanding gut health issues-this protocol is about lifestyle habits and NOT a medical solution to a medical problem. I do not diagnose conditions nor do I prescribe anything. 

I suspect that I have severe gut health issues, is this program for me?

Go With Your Gut should NOT be followed in place of medical treatment, but can be used in conjunction with a doctor prescribed gut protocol if she/he approves. If you have persistent digestive issues, I recommend that you make an appointment to see your local functionally trained medical doctor.

Hey there! I'm Sarah Smith. I'm a mom of three boys and a coach, kettlebell instructor and functional fitness-trained gut health advocate.  

In 2009 I discovered I had a gluten intolerance and in 2014 I was diagnosed with severe leaky gut syndrome, infection with three differnt types of parasites and two forms of Candida over growth.  

I've done every elmination diet and tried countless supplements and lifestyle changes to help heal my gut and you know, what?  

I discovered solutions that worked and were totally manageable and realistic for this busy mom of three!!!  

As a trained microbiologist with ten years experience in lab-based science at reseach institutions like the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, University of Arizona and North Carolina State University , I felt confident delving into the resesarch and with the help of a functional medicine doctor, healed my gut and restored my energy, health and metabolism.  

Now I am sharing what I've learned in four easy to follow modules over the course of a month so that you can restore and improve your gut health, digestion, hormonal balance and metabolic function!  


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