Kettlebells For Cool Kids


Learn to train with kettlebells 

90's jams playlists

Stronger body and physique in 10 weeks  

Three 20 minute workouts per week

  Coaching from an RKC-Level 2 & pelvic floor health advocate

Connection, support, accountability, community

"This program’s focus on FUN through accessible workouts and great music is refreshingly on point with how I like to spend my time. Life is short, don’t hate your exercise!" -H. Ross, Cool Kid  

Why train with kettlebells for the next 10 weeks?

  • They are SUPER FUN TO WORK WITH!  
  • Workouts are efficient can be done ANYWHERE in 20 minutes  
  • Build your strength, muscle, physique and increase your fitness FAST!  
  • You WILL grow your mental and physical power to help you feel strong, capable and confident! 

"I had never done any type of strength training before.  

Sarah's program is way more intense than any cardio I have ever done in a gym. I love every aspect of this program.  

The website is easy to follow. Her workouts are easy to follow.  

 -Caroline B., Cool Kid  

What you get when you join Kettlebells For Cool Kids (KB4CK)?  

  • 10 week online instructional course and workout program that teaches you how to train with kettlebells at your OWN PACE! No expiration date, no failure to complete, you learn and train at a pace that works for your life and your body.  
  • Weekly schedule, downloadable PDF workouts, short video tutorials. Your weekly scheduled workouts are in PDF format that you can easily print or read from any screen. Click the video links to learn exercises and view your workouts.  
  • Three 15-20 minute long workouts per week where you learn these fundamental kettlebell movements: deadlift, goblet squat, swing, press, hike, deadstop, row, Turkish Get-Up hardstyle plank and pushup and many more movements!  
  • Easy access to the entire program (workouts, form cue index, video tutorials) via our private web portal for easy screen access AND also available as printable downloads.  

  • To keep you motivated and inspired, I provide you with my own 90's music playlists to accompany your workouts!  
  • Private Online Coaching Comunity Stay motivated and consistent with the support, coaching feedback, accountability and encouragement you get from our private Facebook group.  
  • All the movements can be modified to a variety of fitness levels and abilities.  
  • Workouts can be completed with just ONE KETTLEBELL ($25-40) and ONE RESISTANCE BAND ($11).  
  • AND mini-courses on breathing, alignment, dieting, foot health, pre/postnatal training , body image via interviews with these industry experts-see below!  

"I am on week 6 and have not missed one workout in 6 weeks! I prioritize my KB4CK workouts into my hectic mom life, because I enjoy them and look forward to them. I have seen a difference in my over all body strength. "

-Iina, Cool Kid 

Includes mini-courses with these experts!

Candace Smith, Coach, Trainer Former Fitness Competitor Thriving Over Dieting

Dr. Gillian Sawyer, Chiropractor and Perinatal Expert Breathing and Alignment

Haley Shevener, CSCS, RKC-2, and POP Expert, Relationships with our Movement and Bodies

Christine McDowell, SFG 2, Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Your Feet Are Your Foundation

Suzanne Ko, SFG-2, Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Training After Baby and It's Never Too Late For Pelvic Floor Rehab!

Dani Almeyda of Original Strength and The Women's Movement Collaborative, Strength in Resets, Movement and Collaboration 

"When I signed up for KB4CK, I felt uncomfortable in my body- still feeling soft and holding more weight from pregnancy than I would like.  

I wanted to move my body but was struggling to find a way that felt fun, effective and accessible to me as a mom who’s “on duty” with my son about 97% of the time.  

Now, just about one month later I’m amazed (and grateful) at how much fun this program has been and how much change I’ve already felt.

THANK YOU for creating this program and bringing together this awesome group of women!"

-Margaret A. Cool Kid 


Sarah Smith, holds a masters in science, is an RKC-2 certified kettlebell instructor, personal trainer, postnatal fitness specialist and pelvic floor and gut health advocate. 

She specializes in making fitness and strength training accessible and effective to women and coaches them to be strong, confident and capable inside and outside of the gym.  

Sarah is a mom to three boys and one English Bulldog, Bella. She loves soil, coffee, barefoot life, NOT folding laundry and working out to 90's jams.

What people saying about KB4CK and working with Sarah!

" I felt like the workouts went by really quickly!  

Sarah, I love the encouragement to dance /move however you want to in the warmup to get body &mind in the groove.  

I’ve found that during circuit reset moments, when I feel like I can’t do another squat, it helps to dance around and just be silly for 30 seconds or so. Finding weights can be fun! Thanks for encouraging this way of working out :) "  

-Hannah R.

"Sarah provides a safe and judgement free space to work on your body and mind.  

She gives you the tools and encouragement needed to reach your personal goals.  

Most of my friends have full plates, like myself. We want to make sure the time we dedicate to self care is not wasted. I can not think of a better investment in self care."

-Jessie W.  

"Sarah took us all through the kettlebell exercises step by step.  

She provides instruction on technique, ways to improvise with different equipment and most importantly ways to modify the exercises to suit our bodies.  

She met us all where we were at on the day. It was different for each person there. "

-Mary C.  

"I'm working on week six and I still look forward to my workouts.  

I'm loving learning something new and putting it into practice.  

I love watching my body get stronger and being inspired by other ladies to keep moving."

-Ruth, J.  

Who is Kettlebells for Cool Kids for?

You if you, 

  • Are motivated to learn kettlebells
  •  Want to learn great technique from an experienced coach and trainer
  • Desire additional support, accountability and motivation for your workout practice
  • Enjoy interacting with other people in a private Facebook group to gain acountability and support for your learning process and workout practice
  • LOVE 90's music and the freedom to enjoy your workouts and dance it out between cirucits 
  • Anyone looking for pelvic floor and core-SMART training for longterm strength and fitness.


Who is Kettlebells for Cool Kids NOT for?

You if you, 

  • Are recently postpartum and NOT cleared by your pelvic floor PT for kettlebell work
  • Are NOT motivated to follow a DIY program that you can do anywhere and comes with coaching and community support
  • Do not require additional support, accountability and motivation for your workout practice
  • Are not interested in learning great kettlebell technique
  • Do NOT LOVE 90's music and the freedom to enjoy your workouts and dance it out between circuits