No motivation to exercise? Wondering where you find it?  

Tired of starting and stopping your fitness practice over and over again?  

What about the guilt that comes from not exercising?  

I have answers and solutions and I’m sharing them all with you.

Join the 2019 Persistence Over Perfection (POP) Challenge!

5 Tools Make Workouts Happen Consistently and Feel Good!

5 Day Fitness Challenge and Coaching Cub 

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What you get when you join the POP Challenge!

  • 5 days of 20 minute workout and movement programs you can do ANYWHERE
  • Daily training tool in your inbox-including how to adapt your workouts to your hormones, wardrobe (no sports bra, no problem!) and time constraints!
  • Movement and mindset coaching LIVE daily in my private coaching group
  • Playlists that will make you WANT to MOVE!
  • Exercise education and empowerment that will forever change how you look at a workout

I'm Sarah Smith and I'm your coach! I'm a busy mom with three kids, a home to keep "orderly" HA! and a business to run!  

Most days, I've got my hands FULL! Movement and training make me feel AMAZING, but I had to learn EFFECTIVE strategies for making exercise FIT into my busy life. 

I learned how to -look at a program or workouts and figure out the best ways to MODIFY them for my day

- make KEY mindset shifts has made me more consistent in exercsie with 3 kids in tow, than I EVER was in my young single days.  

OH and I actually LIKE exercise now when I used to HATE it! 

If you're struggling because you're a real life women with a full life and NO exercise program or workout strategy seems to "get that", then you will LOVE my training tools and mindset strategies.  

#PersistenceOverPerfection FOR. THE. WIN. 


What Are Other Busy Women Saying about the #POPCHALLENGE ?

" Embracing her ‘persistence over perfection’ mindset helped me develop a consistent exercise routine for the first time since becoming a mom nearly 10 years before. "  


" This looks so much different than in years passed- even with sick children and the holiday, ..I've exercised far more than I would have and I'm feeling better about exercising, and food choices!"  

-Meagan, POP CHALLENGE 2017

"The fact that I see and feel results with the 20-30 minute workouts is enough to make me continue on this path."  

-Diedre, POP CHALLENGE 2017

"Persistence over perfection...that has been my mantra since the Pop Challenge and it has stuck with me. Setting it in my schedule has been my biggest motivator. "

-Caroline, POP CHALLENGE 2017

What do you need to join? We start 2/18!

  • Sign up with your email address here
  • Find a heavy comforter or blanket, two laundry detergent containers or countertop water bottles and a kitchen pot ; you can use a set of weights, if you have them, but blankets and laundry bottles will work just as well!
  • 30 minutes a day for 5 days
  • Can-do atittude
  • Willingness to cheer on your fellow community of BUSY women
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