Who is the POP Challenge for?

  • Stay at home moms struggling to workout at home
  • Busy working women and mommas with full lives and full schedules
  • Women that keep trying programs and forms of exericse, but can never make it stick.
  • Anyone that wants to know how to adjust workout time, intensity and pace depending on the day
  • You if you want to use strength training to build your body in less time!

What is the #POPChallenge?

#POP stands for persistence over perfection.

This is a mindset that I cultivated when I was home with three kids under 5 and trying to figure out how to fit exercise into my VERY FULL life and exercise in a way that didn't HARM my body of make me exhuasted.

During this challenge we learn how to strength traing with items around the home AND the tools of innovative persistence that allows us to be consistent enough ADMIST life's imperfections to get RESULTS, BUILD CONFIDENCE and actually ENJOY working out.  

Every year a community of BUSY women like yourselves join me in a PRIVATE coaching group as we train together for 5 days.

What you need to join?

  • Sign up with your email address here
  • Find a heavy comforter or blanket, two laundry detergent containers or countertop water bottles and a kitchen pot 
  • 20 minutes a day for 5 days
  • Can-do atittude
  • Willingness to cheer on your fellow community of BUSY women

Example of our equipment for this challenge

What you get?

About me: I'm a Postnatal Fitness Specialist, RKC 2 Kettlebell Instructor, Certified Personal trainer, Pelvic Floor Health Advocate and MOM of 3 kiddos! We will get to know each other WELL over the the 5 days of the challenge. 

  • Daily emails with your 20 minute workouts and mindset coaching that will GET YOU MOTIVATED
  • A unique approach to exercise that will meet you and challenge you where you are TODAY
  • DAILY coaching by me in our private coaching group
  • Spotify and Soundcloud Playlists that MOTIVATE and make working out FUN
  • Life and body changing Mindset strategies and tools

What are people saying about the #popchallenge?

"The fact that I see and feel results with the 20-30 minute workouts is enough to make me continue on this path."


"Persistence over perfection...that has been my mantra since the Pop Challenge and it has stuck with me. Setting it in my schedule has been my biggest motivator. Knowing these ladies are all busting it out also makes me get after it BC if they can make it happen then I can too!"  


"I love having someone (you Sarah!) give me a plan to follow and being able to check in and be accountable is huge. Also hearing that everyone else struggles sometimes too and no one is perfect is so helpful. Without support it is easy to get discouraged."  


"The short (but tough) workouts give me enough time to do it all! And, I love the simple equipment, so I don't need to leave my house, the sense of strength I feel after a good weight workout makes me feel driven to keep going!"